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Percevial Murphy October 29, 2017 0 comments

I’ve Got Wings

I’ve felt that I’ve got wings since forever. When a breeze blows, I close my eyes, spread my arms and take flight. When I imagine being transformed into how I truly see myself, I’m dressed in colorful running shoes, cool socks, my wings and nothing else. Wouldn’t it be amazing
100 words
Percevial Murphy October 12, 2017 0 comments

And We May Never Know

And we may never know why that dude murdered and injured our people in Vegas. Doesn’t  matter. Knowing why won’t resurrect anyone or heal the injured. Yes, spend time investigating but spend more time legislating so explanations are not necessary. Let’s discover where our representatives stand. Slam their Twitter and
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For Men

Percevial Murphy June 10, 2017 3 comments

Dear God, Homosexuality and the Black Church Part 1

Before diving in, I need to establish a few things. I understand that some disagree with identifying churches as black, white or any race. I agree. A church should have no color. However, based on what we know, most churches do. The color of a church is often defined by
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Percevial Murphy April 25, 2016 2 comments

Man to Man: Thoughts On Not Having a Father

At this point, it bothers me deeply when a man entirely blames his negative life circumstances on the fact that his father was not in his life. I get it. I do. I understand how much easier becoming a man is when you have an example to follow. And this
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Mental Health

Percevial Murphy August 17, 2017 0 comments

Back to the Couch

Yep, I’m headed back to counseling. There’s new “stuff” I need to sort through. Oh and by the way, you’re usually just sitting on the couch. I guess you could lay down if you needed to. And yes, usually somewhere near the couch is that blasted box of tissue I
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Percevial Murphy April 28, 2017 0 comments

Hush Puppies and Wellness

After more than 10 years of living a healthy lifestyle, it’s become second nature. That’s not to say I don’t have my indulgences or rough days. Just the other day I was craving hush puppies. I didn’t end up having them because I can be impatient. After 5 minutes at
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On Track Music Reviews

Percevial Murphy February 27, 2017 0 comments

Valerie June, Singer-Songwriter

Whenever searching for new music, I’m typically drawn to the work of singer-songwriters first. Singer-songwriters write, compose and perform their own musical material. Some describe this genre as music from the heart because the lyrics often draw first from personal experiences. The composition of these songs tends to be straightforward
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Percevial Murphy October 11, 2016 0 comments

Lianne La Havas

Last month, a good friend texted me one Friday evening asking if I wanted to attend a Leon Bridges concert that coming Sunday. Being that I wrote a review on Leon last year, I definitely didn’t want to miss an opportunity to see him live. Leon was good but to
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