What is 100 Words?

I often find myself feeling overwhelmed with long explanations or discussions. 100 Words is a challenge to myself to express a thought or idea in 100 words or less.

Just Married Sign

What are the ‘cans’ of marriage?

When conversing with married folks, I’ve noticed they’re quick to remind me of all the ‘can’ts’ of marriage. ‘I can’t do this or that because I’m married,’ or ‘If you get married, you’ll have to give this or that up.’ By the end of such conversations, I’m thinking, ‘Is marriage a prison or graveyard for dreams and interests?’ I understand that being married means compromising, but my goodness, What are the ‘cans’ of marriage? I’m not talking the bed, babies or bank. All of these can be purchased or acquired alone. Please tell me, What are the ‘cans’ of marriage?

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Man Staring

Men Do Talk

Men do talk. And when given the space, the time and the license, we will freely talk about our feelings our flaws our fears our failings. Whatever. Just as we must continue freeing women from oppressive social norms and treatment, men also need to be freed from postmodern ideals of masculinity (muscled, rugged, robust, athletic, big-dicked, tough, aggressive, non communicative). Be a man. Act like a man. According to what standards or whose conditions? I define my masculinity. It is maturity. And my masculinity says men do talk openly, truthfully and frequently. Men do talk. Men do talk. Let us.

Supporting Track

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D'Arreion Toles

He Just Wanted to go Home

D’Arreion did well not to lose his head. Not to react how I wanted to. No words. Forcefully shoving my way through the door. He (I) just wanted to go home. To rest, to be safe. Land of the free? Home of the brave? All-American? Oh no, not if you’re black or brown. Well leave, you say. No! This is mine as much as it is yours, perhaps even more-so. Without me, you would still be the invaders you were at the shore. So how about you build a ship and go? For I (we) shall not be moved, ever.

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Depressive Episode

Take a Breather

Depression can be very unpredictable. I was working through a yoga video but couldn’t muster the effort to keep moving. ‘No worries, I’m tough’ I think. I’ll move on to something else. Let’s review the statement of purpose you effortlessly finished Saturday. Nope, not happening. The words turned to gibberish on the screen. Is this even coherent? Whether it’s depression or fatigue or whatever, it’s okay to take a breather when you feel overwhelmed or can’t focus. Tonight’s progress is another #100words mini blog post, which required massive effort.

Prison Fence

Are You Free?

If you look, you may discover you’re not free. I looked and discovered this was me. I was existing bound by the ‘can’t dos’ that culture & faith taught me. You’re a man so you can’t do A or B. You’re Christian so you can’t do C or D. Can’t, can’t, can’t is how I lived. I wasn’t free. Boundaries are important, but they should be used to define what I can do, safely. I struggle with this newfound freedom, but I’ve also learned as Celie said in The Color Purple, ‘Folks don’t like nobody being too proud or too free.

Thumbs Up

You Have to Like It

Sometimes I feel I no longer have the option to dislike anything. Either like it or keep your mouth shut to avoid conflict or being labeled a hater, a word I dislike. See, there I go disliking again. To me, haters are people who hope for, cause or celebrate the demise of someone else; that’s hate. This type of behavior is not the same as disliking something because it doesn’t appeal to you. Sometimes we take dislike too personally. Hearing those viewpoints may helps us improve or consider another perspective. Dislike, not hate, has a purpose.