Sunglasses on Brick Wall

Yesterday began my 39th year on earth. Life is good but also challenging. Dreams have been deferred. Love has been unrealized. I’ve lost people. At times, my hope, my faith, my confidence have wavered. There have been days I refused to dream because I was afraid. People say keep grinding and all that positive stuff. They’re right, but this doesn’t mean we have to hide our failures, our frailties, our fears. It’s the challenging stuff that shapes us, softens us, strengthens us. Hard times give us substance. Some say it’s too late in the game. I disagree. 

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday! It is definitely the “challenging stuff” that makes and molds us. It doesn’t feel very good, but the end result will be a masterpiece! Can’t wait to see the masterpieces you will create and become in the years to come!

    Much love and respect…

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