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In the United States, it seems we’re trending more towards division than we are on uniting over issues which require our collective strength to correct.

The United States’ current leadership situation is an example of what can happen when people fail to unite. It’s easy to solely blame conservatives but in my opinion, liberals are equally at fault. When a certain candidate was no longer an option, the iberal community imploded leaving a clear path to office for 45. Perhaps we think unity only works to accomplish good. This isn’t true. Bad things–if only for a limited time–can be accomplished through unity. Consider The Holocaust or Jim Crow.

As of June 27, there are 24 Liberals and 2 Conservatives seeking the office of United States President for 2020. I think these numbers respectively demonstrate a misunderstanding and an understanding of unity. I imagine there will be additional candidates added to list of Republicans list, but it’s unlikely that the number of conservative candidates will come close to the 25 liberals. There’s a scripture which explains what division does. ‘If a family divides itself into groups which fight each other, that family will fall apart’ (Mark 3:25 GNT).

The concept of unity has no moral compass. It acquiesces to the desires of those who embrace it. Whether exercised for good or bad, the impacts of the actions by those who are unified are long lasting.

I predict that 45 gets 8. I hope I’m wrong.

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