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Percevial L. Murphy

So what is steamNgen studios all about?

steamNgen studios™ is not only the pursuit of my dream, but it is what I believe I am divinely purposed to do.

Ultimately, it’s my desire to produce stage plays and films that positively impact audiences.  I want to 1) educate, 2) inspire and to 3) entertain because I believe when people experience that triad,  they are inevitably empowered  to live and be better.

I also want to help other ‘creatives’ achieve their dreams, which is why (starting 2015), I will also be writing write reviews about artists, authors and films. There are talented people who record labels, publishers and entertainment agencies won’t sign for a list of reasons that don’t make sense to me. I figure if I can help that person share their gift then I have done a good thing. I also enjoy writing about my life experiences. I believe in paying it  forward by giving myself away. The greatest gift we can give anyone is the gift of ourselves–both the good and bad.

The name of my company is a result of two things that I love–trains and my mother, Genevieve Miles Murphy (2001). Trains, like people, move best when going forward, and my mother was, still remains and will forever be my greatest human motivator.

**Percevial L. Murphy

Other Personal Facts

Parents: Percy L. & Genevieve M. Murphy
Siblings: Antonio, Genevietta and Adam
Hometown: Rowland, NC
Current Favorite TV Show: AMCs The Walking Dead
Favorite Color: Yellow
Favorite Sports: Tennis & Figure Skating
Education: MA & BA in English from East Carolina University, Certificate in Training & Development from North Carolina State University, Certified Personal Fitness Trainer