Percevial MurphyMy journey to living a healthy lifestyle began in 2006. I have always been fascinated by bodybuilding so I set a goal to compete in a NATURAL bodybuilding show in the upcoming year so that I would have something to work towards.

At the start of my training, I weighed 240lbs. To put that in perspective, I stand a little shy of 5’9. By the time competition day arrived, I weighed in at 175lbs; 65lbs lighter. Honestly, I didn’t entirely understand how to train and eat, but I was healthier and looked better than I had ever in my adult life.

Many of my friends and acquaintances regard me as a health & fitness guru. While I don’t consider myself an expert, I have learned the keys to healthy living. According to most research only 5% of those who lose weight successfully maintain their weight loss. Since these ponderings are not about weight loss, I won’t detail the list here, but Mike Kramer, staff writer for discusses these habits in “5 Secrets of the 5%“, and Harvard Public Health’s also published a similar article titled the “7 Habits to Help you Lose Weight and Keep it Off”.

In each article, I noted that most if not all of the secrets/habits require consistency therefore INCONSISTENCY is what I consider the greatest challenge to us accomplishing our goals.

I don’t think we find it difficult to set goals. Most times we can easily identify the what and the how, but we begin losing ground when we don’t stick to our plan–we become inconsistent. Those of us who live in first-world societies can unknowingly become spoiled by the luxury of instantaneous, easily accessible solutions and resources. However, it is important that we remind ourselves that anything worth having is worth working, waiting and fighting for.

Things worked, waited and fought for tend to be more greatly valued, appreciated and taken care of. Through the process of consistently working , waiting and fighting, we gain wisdom & strength­– transferable characteristics useful in every facet of life.

There are occasions when external forces impede our progress but more often than not, I find that inconsistency is our greatest challenge. I’ve attempted to escape into the safety of excuses like, “I’ve tried everything” or “I don’t know what to do,” but I am seldom able to completely find solace (comfort) in such defenses due to the abundant presence of inconsistency.

A quick Internet search will yield an overabundance of results on the core principles of goal setting or the specific steps to achieve any one specific goal. While we must remain focused, I have learned that perfect application of principles and steps is not the key, but consistency is. As I noted earlier, I didn’t approach my training or eating exactly as I should, but I consistently trained and ate healthier meals.

Often times we make a great first start but when we don’t see the results we desire, we become inconsistent. Once we stop doing what we know we should, failure should be expected. With the New Year a few days away, I’ve been thinking of new goals I want to set and old goals I need to revisit. No matter what the goals are I know that inconsistency will be the fiend (brute) that will continue to be my greatest obstacle but if I arm myself with the bat of consistency, I know that success is inevitable in whatever goals I desire.

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