Lake Street Dive
Photo by Neil Swanson

I’m a pushover for female singers like Rachel Price, lead singer for Lake Street Dive, who have dark, haunting voices. Price’s vocals are superbly supported by well-thought music performed by founder Mike Olson on trumpet and guitar, bassist Bridget Kearney and drummer Mike Calabrese. Overall their sound is what I would describe as a bit of folk, a bit of country, a bit of rock and a bit of soul. Each of their two albums represents what an album should be–complete and cohesive. This happens because each member takes part in song writing; something special happens when artists write and perform their own music.

Listening to Lake Street Dive is like being wrapped in a beautiful, handmade quilt meticulously crafted by artisans who love what they do and want to share that love with all who desire to partake.

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