Leon Bridges

When I first saw Leon Bridges album cover, I immediately thought it was a commemorative album of some long deceased 60’s artist who I had just never heard of. Upon doing more research, I discovered that the 25-year-old Bridges is yet alive and making wonderful music. Kudos to everyone who worked on designing the cover; it is believable and superbly portrays Bridges soulful, simple sound–a sound you don’t hear very often these days.

When I listen to Bridges, I see myself sitting in a country juke joint swaying peacefully, hypnotized by his gentle crooning. His vocal stylings, like many notable soul singers, have gospel and blues influences. Influences that, in my opinion, are the hallmarks of good soul music causing it to be both sacred and sultry.

I’ve added his singles from his  album Coming Home to my library, but his live performances of Lisa Sawyer for the Chevy Music Showcase and River for Sofar Sound are what I prefer. Recording an album in a studio doesn’t always provide the same experience and emotion that can occur at a live show.

Take a listen. If you like it, buy it. Support good artists and good music.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this information about Leon Bridges, who’s a great artist without the flashy frills of most highly marketed artists. I think that’s what’s so refreshing about him. His voice, lyrics and music have the substance of the hand-written love letters of yesterday, not the quick “hey babe” texts of today. I dig it.

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