Lianne La Havas

Last month, a good friend texted me one Friday evening asking if I wanted to attend a Leon Bridges concert that coming Sunday. Being that I wrote a review on Leon last year, I definitely didn’t want to miss an opportunity to see him live. Leon was good but to my surprise, the supporting act, Lianne La Havas, left me with my mouth hanging open.

The qualities that stand out most to me about Lianne La Havas are her humility and transparency. It takes a great deal of strength to be vulnerable enough to allow a room full of strangers into your world so that they can feel and experience something that leaves them comforted and uplifted for weeks to come. Through each song of her set, not only did Lianne, a multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter switch instruments but she also changed moods effortlessly and continued inviting the audience deeper into a very special musical story.

Ironically, I didn’t realize I had already heard and loved Lianne’s well-known song Is Your Love Big Enough?

Is Your Love Big Enough?

Throughout her performance that night, Lianne drew me in. I knew immediately that I was purchasing her album as soon as I arrived home. Below are a few of the tunes that I love the most.

Green and Gold


This one had me out of my seat.

The song that really settled my mind about Lianne was her performance of a classic tune made popular by the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin. She seemed nervous about performing this tune and rightfully so. See whenever an artist covers a song that has been made epic by an icon like Aretha, they are taking a huge risk. You have to be smart enough to honor what has already been done and talented enough to add your own special touch. Lianne absolutely nailed it.

Say A Little Prayer

Take a listen and remember to #buythemusic at Lianne La Havas on Amazon or Lianne La Havas on iTunes.

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