Photo of the Week: The Little Things

The Little Things

This photo of the week is dedicated to my mother. She would have been 64 on February 11. When she gave me this figurine, she said she purchased it because it reminded her of me. Basically she was telling me that she loved me and was always thinking of me. At least that’s what I hope because that little guy is sorta hard on the eyes.

My mother had this uncanny way of doing little things that left big impressions on people. Growing up, every kid called her ‘Mom,” which I didn’t like, but she possessed what I call the gift of mothering. People who possess this gift notice and respond to the needs of those around them often times taking great efforts to do little things that let people know they are loved and accepted regardless of their successes and in spite of their failures. I have a shoe box of little things given to me by my mother and other people because those little things bring me great joy.

It’s the little things.

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