Joy in the Wild Unknown Cover Art

I first heard Ripe at the Apex Music Festival (Apex, NC). Their music is what I’ll call Funk-Rock-Soul-Pop. As part of their set, they covered Love on Top by Beyoncé. When I heard the intro, I went straight-faced. Covering popular songs is difficult. Fans have the song in muscle memory, and we expect to feel something similar to what we felt when we first heard the song.

A good cover must honor the original AND add something unique so fans know you’re not just a mimic. As the lead singer, Robbie, modulate through the course my faced was transfigured into a  wide grin. They were doing it. They were making me feel what I felt when I first heard Love on Top on the radio.

Ripe’s recent album, Joy in the Wild Unknown, is ‘solid as a rock’. The tracks are well-arranged, well-vocalized and well-thought. Ripe’s music is infused with the fun and energy of pop but is not neglectful lyrically. They have fun, but they have a message.

Favorite Tracks from Joy in the Wild Unknown

My favorite tracks are Stanky, Young Tome Rose Yesterday’s Clothes, and Pedro. Remember don’t just stream but #buythemusic.

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