Sabrina Starke
Sabrina Starke Covers Bill Withers
Sabrina Starke Covers Bill Withers

A close friend sent me a link to one Sabrina Starke’s songs from her album The Covers of Bill Withers. I was impressed with the album. Covering the songs of a powerful artist like Bill Withers is a tall order. Withers has a big voice and his classic tunes such as Ain’t No Sunshine, Use Me, You Can’t Just Smile it Away and Lean on Me are standards that soul music lovers consider sacred. If you’re gonna cover them, you best do it right because Withers’ tunes are powerful and full of meaning. Starke does a great job at staying true to Withers songs while adding her own touch.

Starke’s recent self-titled album further proves her capabilities as an artists. Many of the songs have clear, powerful messages that speak to issues we are facing today, but they aren’t forceful or overwrought. The arrangements on several of the tracks remind me of the classic sound of 60s soul but don’t feel outdated, while other songs are neatly tied together with jazz, funk blues and soul compositions. The album has the right touches of everything that makes an album great.

My favorites on the album in no specific order are Next Man (official video below), Not Afraid of the Dark, Leggo of Ego (video below), Speak Up LoveSave Me, and Don’t Think You Know Me. Take a listen to a few of these below and remember to #BUY the music.

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