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I first met Shana Tucker a few years ago after she played the Paramount in Goldsboro, NC–the first live concert I’d ever been to. Though I love live music, I don’t love crowds so attending concerts isn’t an activity I do often but after listening to her freshman album, Shine, on Spotify, I decided the forty-five minute drive and potentially dealing with a crowd would be a worthwhile experience.

Ms. Tucker and her fellow musicians were absolutely phenomenal. After her introduction, Shana entered the stage in silence–only the click of her shoes filling the room. She momentarily tuned her instrument and away they went on a musical journey full of wonderful textures, colors and emotions. Not only was I impressed by Ms. Tucker, but her fellow artists Eric Hirsh (piano), Pete Kimosh (bass) and Stephen Coffman (drums) left an indelible impression on me; these men proved they too were masters of music and mood.

Music should make us feel and think. As a musician and songwriter, Shana takes her life experiences–sometimes complex as we hear in November and sometimes simple as we hear in Fast Lane–sets them to music telling stories that just about anyone can relate to.

Over the years I’ve watched Shana grow and recently had a chance to see her again at the Turnage (now Arts of the Pamlico) in Washington, NC. She greeted me like an old friend. I was hoping to hear my favorite track, Bow Out Gracefully, this time. Unfortunately it wasn’t on the set list. No matter, Shana performed duets with each of her fellow musicians this time , which was just as special as hearing my favorite track.

Shana Tucker is an artist I will follow and support.

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