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Lately I’ve been asking myself, “What’s keeping you from accomplishing your next goals?” For the most part, I’m decent at planning and figuring out the steps I should take, but sometimes I find myself stalled, standing completely still, not really doing but yet still expecting or hoping that something will happen. Why not? I’m mostly a good guy with mostly good intentions, right?

Well, being a good person and/or being benevolent doesn’t automatically mean I can or even will accomplish my goals. I don’t even think closely following a specific set of steps is the way to achieve what we desire.

Now, this isn’t to say that appropriate steps or processes are not important, but there is one element of success that I’ve learned is most essential–consistency. To date, I’ve completed thirteen half marathons. Leading up to each race, I experimented with a new training plan; I took different steps. No matter the steps, I found that I performed best if my preparation and training had been consistent.

I shouldn’t hope or expect or pray to achieve any goal if I’m not consistently working whatever plan I’ve chosen to follow. For example, when it comes to the goal of achieving a healthy weight, people often say, “I’ve tried everything, but…” While this may be true, it is usually also true that we have NOT been consistent for a long enough time to seal our success.

Earlier, this year I finished my first book. Yippee! It will release early next year. I selected steps from various plans on how to move through the process of writing a book. Offhand, I can’t recall each step of my plan, but I do remember that I established a primary time and location to write each week. I remained consistent with this no matter what even when I had writer’s block.

Being consistent builds self-discipline. Self-discipline is the key to upholding success.

Q: Starting November 1st, what are you gonna be consistent with until December 31st? Share in the comments section. Let’s do this.

A: For me, it’s sleeping better. I have terrible sleep habits.

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5 Replies to “The Power of Consistency”

  1. I want to be more consistent in carving out time for myself each day. I allow my roles as wife and mother to consume me, and before getting married it was other roles that I allowed ahead of myself. The results are always burn-out, and I am trying to consistently learn to find time each day or at night to do something for me. I know I’m better for others when I do this, but I’m still figuring out the process.

    1. I imagine that the roles you now play do pull you in a number of different directions and sometimes completely apart. Growing up, my mother would stay up for at least an hour after everyone had gone to bed just to have time to herself. She’d also sip a little beer from a coffee mug. I pray you’re able to find those moments when you can take care of you. It’s just something you should do.

  2. I need to get out an exercise more! We are making a plan to take the dog on a walk at least 3-4 times a week. I find it difficult to fit everything in to the evening time when Justin is home because I have to cook..and by that time I just want to relax. You are so good at the active lifestyle..wish I had more of that in my blood!

    1. Christopher, you can do it. Check out They have some great workouts that are short and effective. I use their site weekly. Also, consider the mornings. I also find it hard to exercise at the end of the day. Could you carve out 30 minutes in the morning?

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