Victory Boyd: Broken Instrument Album Cover

My music collection has grown quickly this sprummer (spring + summer). First Lake Street Dive’s, Free Yourself Up, followed by Ripe’s Joy in the Wild Unknown and now Victory Boyd’s Broken Instrument. Like many, who are familiar with Boyd, I first heard her covering Stevie Wonder’s Overjoyed in a YouTube video.

I was impressed. Covering epic tunes like Overjoyed is risky, but Victory sings Wonder’s tune effortlessly, adding her own touches while remaining respectful to original melody and mood. And Victory didn’t stop there. Victory also successfully covers Bridge Over Troubled Waters and Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Feeling Good. In masterfully covering these songs, she’s letting us know that she’s B-A-D. Just wait and see.

I had reservations about Boyd’s album Broken Instrument. At the moment, there’s an overflow of girls and guys with guitars staking claims as singer-songwriters. At times, it’s difficult to tell them apart vocally and lyrically. It seems most don’t possess a relatable story or perhaps they don’t know how to tell their stories in relatable, memorable ways.

Victory’s albums rises above my every expectation.Victory resides in the same stratosphere as singer-songwriters like India.Arie and Tracy Chapman and yes even James Taylor. She has a story, and she knows how to tell that story in a way that’s not only real and relatable but also riveting. There’s not a single track on Broken Instrument I dislike. I’ve listened to it so many times that I find myself singing and feeling the songs morning, noon and night. I have several favorite tracks, but I’m not telling you any of them. It would be a disservice to not allow you to purely experience Broken Instrument as Victory has prepared it.

Don’t just stream but #buythemusic: The Broken Instrument on Amazon