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When conversing with married folks, I’ve noticed they’re quick to remind me of all the ‘can’ts’ of marriage. ‘I can’t do this or that because I’m married,’ or ‘If you get married, you’ll have to give this or that up.’ By the end of such conversations, I’m thinking, ‘Is marriage a prison or graveyard for dreams and interests?’ I understand that being married means compromising, but my goodness, What are the ‘cans’ of marriage? I’m not talking the bed, babies or bank. All of these can be purchased or acquired alone. Please tell me, What are the ‘cans’ of marriage?

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One Reply to “What are the ‘cans’ of marriage?”

  1. Good question…one of the can’s of marriage is being able to do more of what you want to do because of your spouse’s support. You want to see your spouse be their best so you push each other and make decisions and come up with a plan to create an environment where both of you thrive. You get to bring the strength of two individuals (who also normally counter each other’s weaknesses) into one vision. It’s powerful, fulfilling, and freeing.

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